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Pregnant Pause

April 6, 2010

Eli at three days old

Rye and Elijah, the two little bucks, are frolicking around like two circus apprentices. They pull off wild, side-long buck jumps, but they don’t know how to land, and they roll down tiny embankments and crash into each other. They head-butt already and push each other around with their heads. I think that started around day four of their lives. They race through brambles and up little hillsides, following their mom to the ivy and wild onion she loves to eat.


Mama Rya has proven to be a docile mother, and she is truly a joy to milk, though I only had the opportunity to milk her a few times before the bucks demonstrated that there would be no need for bottle-feeding with these babies! I can’t wait to wean the boys and milk Rya – I love a doe that stands still, out of the milking stand, eating a little grain or hay, while she is being milked. And I love goat milk milkshakes and fresh chevre.

Foremilk - it does a baby good.

Meanwhile, Luna has shown no signs of impending kidding. She just continues to get bigger, if that’s possible, and she spends lots of time laying around. This is the most docile this dominant doe gets, so I’m enjoying every minute of it, but I can’t wait for her to get the show on the road and freshen. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a successful kidding, but I’m no longer certain I want her give us a doe. Her udder, in its second year, is still not developing any great characteristics, but I’m holding out hope it will improve after delivery. That being so, out of the kids born on the homestead, we’ve only gotten ONE doe, so a female homegrown baby would break the curse.

Luna on the night Rya's kids were born, March 30, 2010 - Come on, Luna!

Someone has a new friend...

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