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Why fishing waders can’t spend winter in the hay barn

April 20, 2010

neoprene lunch from Orvis

And why I need to invest in d-CON stock, and why I need barn cats, and probably why my Saab smells funny. I know that mice eat the plastic coating off wires, which is why they are dangerous to have living in your walls, and I am waiting for some part of my car, most likely my seat, to catch fire while I’m driving down Route 6. What I did not know is that they will eat through a rubber boot. That’s just vindictive. Anything fabric is fair game, they need the chewed up fluff for their nests, but rubber boots? Rodents’ teeth continue to grow throughout their lifetimes, it is said, so they have to constantly chew to wear them down, but a rubber boot isn’t even the best choice for filing down teeth, especially when you are surrounded by wood in every possible incarnation. Personally, I think they did it to show off. Okay, maybe it also tasted like fish.

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